Deploying a front-end monorepo
Online course — 3 parts

Deploying a front-end monorepo

Let's learn how to effectively deploy multi-application front-end monorepos.


What will you learn?

rocket Serving multiple applications on a single domain
candy Utilizing caching and build checks
party-popper Optimizing build and deploy times

What can you expect?

  • Pre-recorded videos with walkthroughs, explanations and examples
  • Live online sessions with group discussions
  • Hands-on exercises followed by feedback and suggestions

What does the course consist of?

  • 3 parts
  • 3 practical exercises
  • 10+ pre-recorded videos

Visualization of a multi-application front-end monorepo deploymentVisualization of a multi-application front-end monorepo deployment


Part 1

Understanding the context

  • Understanding the context of application deployment
  • Common problems, struggles and challenges
  • Introduction to the course challenge
  • Creating a personal work plan using Miro
Online session
  • Overview of the personal work plans
  • Sharing suggestions for improvement
  • Questions & answers
Part 2

Setting things up

  • Overview of the target architecture
  • In-depth walkthrough of the Vercel platform
  • Understanding and scope and possibilities
  • Create a front-end monorepo & deployment implementation plan
  • Document and share it using Miro
  • Overview of the exercises
  • Sharing suggestions and feedback
  • Questions & answers
Part 3


  • Creating a couple of vite applications
  • Configuring Nx and Nx-Cloud.
  • Configuring Vercel platform.
  • Create a project based on the Nx build system and share code on Github
  • Document and share progress in Miro
  • Overview of the exercises
  • Sharing suggestions and feedback
  • Questions & answers


This course is useful if you are:

hammer Working on separate applications
green-apple Building a project that is expected to scale
spider-web Struggling with a complex and messy architecture

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